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hello all you lovley people !

Posted by wantbones18 on 2009.10.29 at 11:45
Current Mood: excitedno force feeding!
Current Music: papparazzi- lady gaga
sorry i havent been on latley its because my sister have been having contractions and i had to be with her! ( im going to be an auntie)
well for tha past days ive been eating only a bowl of special k cereal just to get my mom of my back trying to feed me foods with so much FAT!!!!!
well then i do exercise so i burn the cereal!
i really need a scale my mom has mine hidden so i dont know whats my current weight! :'(
well what im very excited is that my mom hasent been home since my sister is having her baby soooo that means NO EATING!
finally but well its only for today ggrrr! i miss fasting!
well i hope all you sweeties have a wonderful day
much love to every single one of you !


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