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Posted by ella_lou on 2009.10.24 at 12:44

Heloooooo Evreybodyy Im Newww

Here Are My Stats

CW: 126

Gw1: 120

GW2: 110

GW3: 100

Any Tips PLease Thanks
Stay Thin 
x  x x


Posted by wantbones18 on 2009.10.23 at 10:58

hello everyone!
well im better today then yesterday because my mom force feed me but i am trying to get over it and thanks alot for those who gave me support!
well yesterday i had a bowl of special k cereal since i had to eat it =(!
but for dinner i didnt eat nothing my mom made dinner and left and told my grandma to make sure i ate but she forgot and i threw it away !
when mom came home i said i ate it all and that my grandma was waching me lol !
that night i did 3 hours of exercise lol ! i was freaking out!
well im going to look for a job so i wont be at home anymore gggrrr hate it!
i hope you all have a wonderful day !
much love to all of you !



Posted by eat_me_thin15 on 2009.10.23 at 11:09
I kind you not that is what the scale said,,, this it said 150
SO HAappy!


Posted by eat_me_thin15 on 2009.10.22 at 11:15

So I did pretty well yesterday!!!
I only at two jalopeno popper things. I did like 400 situps.... so not too bad!  And I havent eaten anything yet so far today..Wish me luck when I go to work though. I work in the kitchen... there is food everywhere. !!!! bahhhh

Ok well DO GREAT!
love you all!

not a good day !

Posted by wantbones18 on 2009.10.21 at 22:07

hello everyone!
well today was the most horrible day !
all my hard work has gone to the trash !
today my evil mom and boyfriend force feed me =,(
this morning my mom wanted me to each cereal with nasty fatty milk!
i said i didnt want it but she sat me down and said that if i didnt eat it she would tell my dad and kick my ass =(
so i did i felt so horrible i tried to purge it but she made me sit down and watch a anorexic video !she said if i dont start eating she will take me to a recovery center !
then for dinner oh god!
my boyfriend came and sat with my mom telling me to eat and i felt so bad i felt like he backstabed me!
so i ate horrible meat with rice disgusting i almost purged in front of them !
but well all that shit is in my stomach and i feel disgusting! so dam sad now i dont know what to do !
how can i hide my anorexia!
then i come here and this dam girl posts when she isent ana!
i got very piessed and deleted her! wtf she practicly made fun of who we are bye saying she tried to be ana?
omg well i hope you ladies think i did right on deleting her if not please comment saying why i wasent right! appreciate it lovley ladies!
well i hope all u had a wonderful day much love too you all!


Posted by looktothelight7 on 2009.10.21 at 16:04
Name: Kelly
Age: 17
Weight: 121 :/
BMI: 21
Short term goal weight: 115
Long term goal weight: 110?
Current eating disorder: none. i tried to be anorexic.. cant pull myself away from food..
Do you ingage in any form of SI: no
How long have you had an eating disorder?
What do you wish to recieve from this community? help and support to lose weight.

Fasting todayyy

Posted by eat_me_thin15 on 2009.10.21 at 11:46
First off, thanks  to those who were encouraging on my last post:) its what i REALLY need. Today I want to fast i havent had anything yet but its only noon...my gma wants to cook a nice supper fo rme so idk what to do then...if she eats at the table im screwed.. if she sits in her chair then i dont have to worry cause she wont see what i eat and i can just sit there.... but meh we shall see sisters. lol.  Im suppose to be writing a paper but i havent started yet... wish me luck...
Stay strong!!!!!!!
Nothing taste as good as thin feels!


Posted by latina_19 on 2009.10.20 at 18:05
alright so i found out there is an apple diet and i think i will try it. Well its basically have an apple a day as  the only solid food u can eat and you can drink water diet cokes and coffee. I am starting tomorrow. anyone wanna join with me?? :)


Posted by eat_me_thin15 on 2009.10.20 at 14:32
My apologies,
I dont think I have introduced myself and what not really....
My name is Krista,
currently Im fat.
I go to college. im 19.
 H 5'2'
Cw 160
gw1  147
gw2  130
gw3  120
I would really love to get to 110

Today i have pretty much blown it....
cheetoes like a bowl full....like a ceral bowl... 2 oreos, a reese and easy mac.
and water. tons of water
I have peed alot... I work tonight so i hope I dont fucking eat there, god I dont know why its so hard for me to not eat!!!!! damnit.
and Im going out with a friend tonight she wants cheese curds..so if we get an order to share and I eat like 2 really slowly i can get away with it. Fucking cow

Take care loves.


Posted by eat_me_thin15 on 2009.10.20 at 14:28
Fat cow.
Im a fat cow
fat cow


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